„The photo itself is a little older. But doesn't the driver's look show a strong will and stamina, even under adverse circumstances? Photo courtesy of Mr. Maximilian Eitler and the VC-Racingteam Darmstadt“

5th place at the „2017 Masters Cyclo-Cross World Championships“ in Belgium!

DIATEST is heavily engaged in the youth support for cycling. Among other things DIATEST supports the local cycling track, the DIATEST-Velodrom.

The DIATEST-Velodrom: Build in the year 1893 the track was completely rebuild in 2007. The Velodrom is nowadays the heart of the Hessian intensive training centre for cycling and the only cycling track in Hesse. There are training courses and races on a regular basis, e. g. the “Sommerbahn-Meisterschaften” (summer track championship) in the mid of the year.