Integral holders and Offset heads

Integral holders enable the secure clamping of dial gauges, for example. Offset heads are tested standard elements for measuring devices. A wide range of accessories is available for both.


Integral holders

Integral holders guarantee a secure clamp of indicators, micro comparators and probes, with smallest possible deformation:

  • Applications: Measuring devices, measuring construction kits, machine tools, automatic testing machines, special measuring instruments, etc.
  • Measurement certainty: no unintentional shifting or twisting possible.
  • Small dimensions, sensible design variants and cost-effective installation options.
  • Standard versions: Single tangential clamp, Twin tangential clamp, Knurled clamping screw, Special clamping screw.
  • Special designs also available.

Types of Integral holders

  • Integral holders for gluing type K: glued in bore, e.g. Ø 10 H9..
  • Screw-in integral holder type GA: screwed into thread M12x1, on request M12x0,75.

DIATEST Offset heads

IDIATEST Offset heads (shaft Ø 8) deflect travel motion by 90° and have a travel range of 4.5 mm (0.177’’). Their compact size and standardized companion dimensions make them a useful accessory in fixture building and offer a wide range of application:

  • in gauging fixtures, machine tools, shape gauges, locating gauges and measuring machines;
  • The uniform connecting thread of M6x0,75 ensures that all system parts can be readily joined and interchanged.
  • Special designs on request.
  • Offset heads are available as short and long version and in different overall lengths.

Accessories for integral holders and offset heads

  • Indicator holders,
  • Depth extensions,
  • Rotary adaptors,
  • Right angle attachments,
  • ZM Gauge heads for deflection in confined areas,
  • Inserts for dial indicators, thread M2,5 resp. M6x0,75,
  • Measuring inserts with carbide balls and thread M2.5.

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