Measurement of gears

Internal Gear Gauges

Flexible indicating 2-point measuring instruments for internal gear gauging

Measurement of internal and external gear gauges, taper and ovality. Applicable for internal and external gear gauges (straight-sided or helical) and for gears with even or odd numbered teeth.

Internal Gear Gauges:

  • Range between balls Mi = 3.5 to 333 mm
  • Starting from Mi = 9.3 mm (T-ZM3!) the ball anvils are interchangeable
  • Measuring range from 0.6 to 3 mm, depending on model
  • Identical to Split-Ball and Plunger Probe system
  • Alternative: self-centering Plug Gauge BMD-IV (starting from cylinder-Ø 10 mm) for serial measurement

Balls are made of carbide. Many ball diameters are available on stock as well as roller anvils. For zero setting, please use measured sample components or setting masters. Mechanical and digital indicators storing the MIN-value can be used. Special designs on request.

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