Automated measurement and complex measurement solutions

Dynamic in-process measurement (IPM) in the machining centre

Automatic measurement in the process (IPM)

100 % safety – Full process control – Increased good parts

Scrap reduction of up to 50 % compared to conventional in-process checks

The measuring is done:

  • With the right measuring tool
  • Without external influences

DIATEST IPM – Dynamic and static measurement in the process!

The IPM is a measuring system with radio for use in machining centres. The system consists of a

Both are permanently installed in a tool holder (e. g. HSK)

It transmits measurement data by radio to a PC, for example.

Consistently high quality – an invaluable competitive advantage

Measuring directly in the machining centre combines the manufacturing process and quality assurance:

  • The IPM measures high-precision, critical and safety-relevant bores directly in the manufacturing process.

The flexible DIATEST IPM measuring system uses the full functionality of a machining centre.

Set up and move on!

The IPM sits in the tool magazine of the machine

  • Once set up, the IPM works autonomously
  • Integration is independent of the machine manufacturer

You can find more information here!

Example in a multi-spindle CNC machine: The DIATEST wireless probe holder and the DIATEST BMD

  • are automatically moved into the workpiece,
  • clean the bore with compressed air before each measurement,
  • measure dynamically on several levels,
  • transmit the measurement data via real radio at each measurement level.



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