Measurement of depths

For the simultaneous measurement of diameter and depth of a bore: Gauge-2Dimensions

By combining two measuring solutions, different measuring tasks can be carried out in only one measuring process:

Mesauremnt of an I.D. and a depth.

This combines the best of two worlds into one solution: the ergonomics of a TD-Gauge+ DIGITAL with the precision of a bore gauge.

  • Use of BMD plug gauges from Ø 4,2 mm and above
  • Simple and quick change of BMD plug gauges
  • Easy set up and handling
  • Easy integration into DIAWIRELESS real radio networks
  • Measured data is displayed separately
  • Digital display of depth measurement switchable between 0.01 mm and 0.001 mm


Free choice for digital display of the diameter, e.g. with small dial gauge MDU-S125. Optional transfer of measured data via cable or wireless

Gauge-2Dimensions DYNAMIC WIRELESS

Diameter Measurement: Measured data are automatically send wireless to DIATRON6060-µNetwork or comparable PC with DIA-Gauge Base Software


Gauge-2Dimensions DYNAMIC WIRELESS