In 1948, Hermann Költgen founded the company with a starting capital of 1,000 DM, borrowed from his mother. Today, 75 years later, DIATEST is a globally networked company that successfully competes in the market.

Looking back over such a long period of time, we noticed the developments the company has gone through in these almost eight decades. Again and again, the most modern machines of those times were used. DIATEST was always on the move, entering new markets all over the world and developing new solutions and products.

75 years of DIATEST - and we can only show a small excerpt. There is so much more lying dormant in our archives and databases. But just take a look for yourself and travel with us through the history of the company.

Summer track championship at the DIATEST velodrome!

- 26.04.23
- 03.05.23
- 10.05.23
- 24.05.23
- 31.05.23
- 14.06.23 (Final)

Heidelberger Straße 150
64285 Darmstadt

More efficiency on 40.63 mm
DLC Black Diamond - the new DLC coating

Most DIATEST split-ball probes are protected by a new diamond-like DLC coating. They are "tougher in the face".

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Cycle time left? Fill it with 100 % certainty!

Lower total operation costs due to higher degree of automation

100 % inprocess measurement with DIATEST BMD bore gauges – in your CNC machine!

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0.001 mm Resolution – the new standard for digital thread depth measurement:

TD-Gauge+ DIGITAL – for precise measurement of thread depths and plain bores!

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Gauge-2Dimensions DYNAMIC WIRELESS – diameter and depth measurement at the same time!

Measured data are automatically sent wireless to e. g. a computer.

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