DIATEST manufactures high-precision bore gauging instruments and offers measuring solutions

High-volume engineering does not work without precision, a global production depends on local expertise. To achieve highest possible safety in production, precision is necessary starting from design to final product. In the same way as a qualified and trained local DIATEST partner speaking the language of country and knowing the products.

Our clients are manufacturers all over the world demanding a high standard of accuracy and quality, for example the aviation and aerospace industry, the automobile and hydraulics industry, medical industry as well as general engineering.

Your advantage: regardless of industrialized country of production you can always feel safe due to DIATEST quality. Your local DIATEST partner takes care of you. Our partners know their country, culture, language and market. And have experiences and know-how about DIATEST and quality control.

The name DIATEST guarantees worldwide quality, expertise and safety. Measuring instruments with an accuracy of up to 0.0002 mm / 0.000008 Inch ensure an absolute accurate result. DIATEST is DIN ISO 9001 certificated. Future-orientated manufacturing technology (Industrie 4.0,…), well trained precision engineering technicians and engineering knowledge guarantee highest quality standards. Whether standard- or customer specific solutions, DIATEST measuring instruments will be adequate for future tasks.

This is the company’s philosophy, carried out by an experienced staff: Highest quality at a fair cost effectiveness, combined with expert advice and absolute faithfulness to deadlines in dealing with all DIATEST customers. For us this is a service taken for granted which our DIATEST partners worldwide appreciate. This is what partnership means to us.

DIATEST - Safety through quality, precision and competence in over 40 countries worldwide

Milestones of DIATEST History

DIATEST Standards

  • The precision of our products shows the high level of esteem for our customers.
  • The quality of our products brings absolute safety for our customers.
  • Due to our reliability customers around the world have confidence in us.
  • Due to our flexibility we are able to adapt quickly to our customer’s needs.
  • Our promptness allows a higher productivity for the customer.

DIATEST and the environment