Automated measurement and complex measurement solutions

Measuring devices

Approach, possibilities and construction

DIATEST measuring devices enable a fast and precise completion of combined measuring tasks.

DIATEST measuring devices are mechanical, tactile and comparative measuring solutions. For example, inner or outer diameter, bores or gears, cone, height, width or depth of workpieces can be measured, even in combinations. The focus of the measuring devices is on their mechanical functions.

Also multiplane measurement of diameter, height, distances or gears are possible. The measured value should be displayed on a measuring computer e.g. DIATRON6060-μNetwork at many measuring points.

Measured values are transferred via cable, real radio DIAWIRELESS or directly on analogue or digital display devices such as dial gauges, PC or DIATRONs. Measuring devices are often used in combination with a measuring workstation or a complete solution. A variety of integral holders and standard elements such as offset heads are available.