Measurement of gears

DIA-COME (for gear gauging)

Flexible and sturdy measuring tables for gear gauging

Flexible und sturdy measuring tables for measurement of I.D. and O.D. DIA-COME measuring tables are offered in different sizes, layouts and measuring ranges. They are often used close to the production machine, e. g. for measurement of samples.


DIA-COME C2 measuring tables are available in 3 sizes. They have a fixed and a moving measuring contact. Measuring range of the moving contact is 20 mm. The C2 tables cover different measuring ranges.

Diese umfassen einen Messbereich von:

  • Internal Gear Gauges Mi = 70 – 275 mm
  • External Gear Gauges ma = 0 – 245 mm

Additional application kits (Kits) provide solutions for the most common measuring tasks, e. g. for small diameters. Special measuring inserts on request. ((Tische auch in 3-Punkt-Ausführung vorhanden.))

Mechanical or digital indicators can be used, also inductive and incremental probes, PC, DIATRON or printers. Measured values can be transferred wireless (DIAWIRELESS) to a PC or DIATRON by using an appropriate indicator.

DIA-COME, see chapter Measurement of diameter and length

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