Processing of measured values


Hardware solutions for receiving and processing of measured values. Additional hard- or software is partially needed.

Easy to use network-compatible measuring computer DIATRON6060-µNetwork

User-friendly and sturdy measuring computer with storage functions and statistical analysis

  • Automatic or manual collection of measured values via radio (DIAWIRELESS), cable or touch screen
  • Display of measured values as bar chart, control chart or histogram
  • Easy programming of quality control plans and control functions for e. g. multiplane plugs
  • Easy setting up of calibration procedures, which work automatically or manually by parts counter or timer
  • Storage of measured values
  • Modular design of the measuring inputs (probes or receiver module (DIAWIRELESS) connectable)
  • 8‘‘ TFT Touchscreen (800x600)
  • USB, Ethernet and RS232-interfaces.
  • INDUSTRY 4.0 ready

Measuring column DIATRON2200

Electronic column with 3-colour bar scale and digital display of measured data


see chapter „Display of measured valueses

Customised PC

Depending on suitable hard- and software, also a customised PC can receive, analyze and store your measured values.

On request.