Measurement of diameter and length

BMD – Plug Gauge DIATEST

Easy-to-use, self-indicating and self-centering bore gauge for the measurement of inner- and outer diameter, with highest precision and absolute accurate results.

Field of application is the production of high-precision bores within a standard range of Ø 2.0 mm (T-BMD) up to 270 mm in serial production. 

Plug Gauge BMD allows:

  • Static and dynamic measurement
  • Detection of dimensional deviations and shape defects
  • As a hand tool in bores directly at the machine
  • Fitting in measuring fixtures and machines

A wide selection of basic types in the standard program, supplemented by useful accessories, ensures that nearly all bores encountered in current practice can be measured precisely. Its flexible platform allows a wide area of application:

  • Standard- und Through bores: from 2.0 to 270 mm,
  • Measurement of Blind Bores(Flat-Bottom): from 2,0 (T-BMD-FB) to 150 mm,
  • Measurement of O.D.: from 20 to 100 mm,
  • Multiplane plug gauges: from 21 mm,
  • Internal gear gauges: from 10 mm cylinder diameter
  • 3-Point Measurement: from 8.0 to 100 mm,
  • For very small diameters from 2.0 mm to 3.0 mm
  • Measurement of parallel distances: from 1.0 (T-BMD-PA) to 30 mm
  • Special sizes,shapes and models, e. g. tapered bores
  • Extension or limitations of the measuring range, adjustment of the measuring pressure, air supply,…


  • 2-point design =< 1 µm
  • 3-point design =< 2 µm

The selection of gauging contact material depends on composition and design of the work piece:

  • Carbide,
  • Hard chrome,
  • Ceramic,
  • Ruby,
  • Plastic,
  • Diamond.

Mechanical or digital indicators, DIATRON1000, probes including the measuring column DIATRON2200 can be used to display results The Multiplane BMD DIATRON MultiFire can be integrated into a DIAWIRELESS network.

Devices as e. g. the DIATRON6060-µNetwork allow statistical evaluations, integration into a network, machine control and much more.

Zero setting should be performed by using a setting master, e. g. a setting ring according to specifications of DIN 2250-C.

The fast maintenance and repair service gives reconditioned and fully tested plug gauges. There is often no need to buy new plugs. BMD can be used economically for many years.

A wide range of application and an easy handling in combination with highest precision and sturdy design demonstrate the economic efficiency of the BMD-system. Special solutions on request.

Better linearization – Higher measurement certainty!

The newly developed DIATEST BMD XQ reduce the linearity deviation by up to  50% compared to conventional standard plug gauges from all over the world.

Thanks to the highly increased measurement certainty we can calmly face the tendency of continuously closertolerances. Particularly in combination with the digital indicator DIATRON1000 with its resolution of 0.1 μm one can be sure that the measured values are absolutely correct. The complete measuring system can be linearized according to e.g. VDA volume 5 (German Associationof the Automotive Industry).

All measured data can optionally be backed up and further processed by radio transmission. As a result the valuable data are available for the further production process.

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BMD Plug Gauge Technical Guide