• Measuring bores with a cobot
  • Fast retooling and scaling
  • Easy integration into processes
  • Measurement processes can be saved
  • Data transmission via radio (DIAWIRELESS)

... and much more...

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The new DIATEST small dial indicator MDU-S125-1

With a Ø of only 45 mm ideal for...

  • smaller measuring instruments, e.g. DIATEST probe,
  • the use in measuring devices,
  • use directly in machines.

Despite its compactness, the MDU-S125-1 offers many features:

  • Display resolution selectable between 0.01 and 0.001 mm,
  • Preset,
  • Many functions, e.g. MIN-MAX-DELTA,
  • Standby mode after approx. 15 seconds
  • Interface for DIAWIRELESS radio and cable (USB, RS232),
  • Measuring pressure 0.5-0.9N,
  • measuring range 12.5 mm,
  • "IP54 protected",
  • Printed test report.

So if there

  • is little space when measuring,
  • or conventional displays interfere with the measurement because of their size,
  • orthe weight of the dial gauge plays an important role,

the DIATEST MDU-S125-1 is the ideal solution!

International training at DIATEST

Three weeks are over so quickly! Janus, our exchange trainee from Denmark, is back home again.

We were very happy to get to know Janus and were even more delighted by his quick grasp of things! Janus was quick to pick up and implement new things. We all appreciated his open and friendly nature and the pleasant cooperation.

As a farewell we gave him a "75 years DIATEST sparkling wine"!

We wish Janus all the best in his future life and career!

International training at DIATEST

In the last few days, Janus has been working his way through design and development to gain new perspectives. Drawing 3D models, writing programmes and working on a prototype, he showed creativity and ingenuity.

International training at DIATEST

A lot can be achieved with a CNC machine. But in the end, it is the craftsmanship skills with which we can "tickle out" even the last µm.
Besides natural talent, training as a precision mechanic plays a major role. Janus learns from precision mechanics trained by us how to basically manufacture and test a DIATEST bore gauge.

International training at DIATEST

From CNC machining center to manual work.

A lot can be achieved with a CNC machine. But in the end, it is the craftsmanship skills, with which we achieve the quality, precision and reliability of our products.

Janus, our exchange trainee from the far north, demonstrates his craftsmanship while mounting our TD-Gauge+ thread depth gauge.

Janus' first day with us!

After a long time of preparation Janus is finally here at DIATEST since yesterday.

And he had to go straight to a CNC lathe with 9 axes. Janus is supervised by our Luca, who shows him the lathe, how to integrate tools, on which position of the machine they sit and how to measure the tool. All this still with a sample piece.

Soon Janus will be doing his first programming on a real workpiece.

Janus, we are looking forward to the next 3 weeks with you!

We would like to thank all the participating organizations, companies and people whose commitment makes such unforgettable experiences possible for young people!


In 1948, Hermann Költgen founded the company with a starting capital of 1,000 DM, borrowed from his mother. Today, 75 years later, DIATEST is a globally networked company that successfully competes in the market.

Looking back over such a long period of time, we noticed the developments the company has gone through in these almost eight decades. Again and again, the most modern machines of those times were used. DIATEST was always on the move, entering new markets all over the world and developing new solutions and products.

75 years of DIATEST - and we can only show a small excerpt. There is so much more lying dormant in our archives and databases. But just take a look for yourself and travel with us through the history of the company.

Summer track championship at the DIATEST velodrome!

- 26.04.23
- 03.05.23
- 10.05.23
- 24.05.23
- 31.05.23
- 14.06.23 (Final)

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64285 Darmstadt

More efficiency on 40.63 mm
DLC Black Diamond - the new DLC coating

Most DIATEST split-ball probes are protected by a new diamond-like DLC coating. They are "tougher in the face".

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