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Finally - after a forced break of three years - we can again organise our "TdOT - Open Day". This will take place on Wednesday, 6 December 2023, at our premises.

Our theme for this year:

AI in metrology:

Optimise production processes, increase quality and reduce costs - AI as a MUST for the future!

Open Day (TdOT) at DIATEST On December 6, 2023, Darmstadt

AI in measurement technology: Optimizing production processes, increasing quality and reducing costs - AI as a MUST for the future!

Many thanks to all our guests for coming to us despite the adverse weather and road conditions! Many thanks to all exhibitors and speakers who made this event a success together with us! Many thanks to all our colleagues who helped to prepare and organize our event and who returned everything to its original condition the day after!

AI in measurement technology, two interesting topics that will become increasingly important in the future!

What are the requirements for AI solutions, where are the current limits? What solutions are already available? Speakers and exhibitors at the



presented the current possibilities and solutions in a clear and understandable way.

Important basics of AI were presented and intelligent solutions were shown on how to use AI in and for production.

Translated with DeepL.com (free version)

One of the most important foundations is sufficient and usable data, e.g. measurement data. This is generated by using measuring instruments and saved and evaluated in software solutions.

What options are there for manual measuring equipment, in-process or inline solutions? How can these be saved and statistically analyzed and evaluated? Answers to these questions were provided by speakers and exhibitors from

The program was rounded off by our association, the VDMA e.V. - Measuring and Testing Technology Division - which supports around 200 companies: https://vdma.org/messtechnik-prueftechnik

A successful exchange between experts in AI, measurement technology and production.

AI in metrology: Optimizing production processes, increasing quality and reducing costs - AI as a MUST for the future

An event of the DIA-@cademy!