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TD-Gauge+ Digital
TD-Gauge+ Digital
TD-Gauge+ Digital + Wireless
TD-Gauge+ Digital + Wireless

DIATEST TD-Gauge+ / TD-Gauge+ Digital

The DIATEST TD-Gauge+ allows the simultaneous gauging of thread depth and detecting of No-Go gauges.
TD-Gauge+ Digital and TD-Gauge+
TD-Gauge+ Digital and TD-Gauge+

With the DIATEST TD-Gauge+ you can use DIN-gauges of all manufacturers. Thus you are not tied into a supplier who is expensive or located far away, but you can choose the most favourable provider among a variety of suppliers. DIATEST also offers DIN-gauges that are assembled within the factory when a complete thread depth gauge is ordered

The DIATEST TD-Gauge+ can be used with thread gauges as well as with cylinder plug gauges. This offers a maximum flexibility in handling for you, as you only have to exchange the related gauges (which you can purchase from a DIN-Gauge manufacturer of your choice e.g. DIATEST) thanks to the universal application of the system.


The DIATEST TD-Gauge+ is very ergonomically designed, the viewing panel with the vernier always remains visible to the user when the gauge is screwed in. You can conveniently and at any time see the detected value. In the same viewing panel the pre- and post decimal places can be read of simultaneously.

The possible reading accuracy is 0,05 mm, this is a very high accuracy for a mechanical thread depth gauge.

TD-Gauge+ Digital
TD-Gauge+ Digital

The digital display allows to transfer the depth readings to a computer by means of a data cable
(OPTO-USB, OPTO-RS232) or via a transmitter module (MDU-OPTO-S). The advantage of the radio transmission is the free scope which is limited by the cable length when using the data cable

■ LCD display with a resolution of 0,01 mm
■ Transposable mm / inch
■ optional radio transmission of measured values
■ Opto-RS232 interface
■ Preset function
■ Open for all DIN-gauges
■ Depth extension available
■ Special stops available

You can choose an individual marking for the DIATEST TD-Gauge+. This can be done directly at the factory provided that the order is marked accordingly. On request we can realize special depths and stops at any time.

DIATEST TD-Gauges+ are exclusively manufactured by DIATEST, the specialist for accuracy and precision in metrology. You have the guarantee to receive high-quality products "Made in Germany" and "Made by DIATEST"

DIATEST-products are not only sold all over the world, but we also offer a worldwide after-sales and consulting service. You are not alone with your problems or questions.

TD-Gauge+ thread gauge available also with dirt groove

Thread gauge

  • Measures the thread depth with an accuracy of 0,05 mm 
  • Checks the depth quality using the Go/No-Go-gauge
  • Available in gauging steel or hard-chrome plated version
  • Dirt groove as an option, recommended for Go-Gauge
  • Available in four sizes

TD-Gauge+ cylinder plug gauge with air groove

Cylinder plug gauge

  • Measures the bore depth with an accuracy of 0,05 mm
  • Checks the diameter using the Go/No-Go-gauge
  • Available always in hard-chrome plated version
  • Air groove as an option, recommended for Go-gauge
  • Available in four sizes

DIATEST Universal-setting-gauge

For the DIATEST TD-Gauge+ you can in additon buy a universal setting gauge. This universal setting gauge can be used for all DIATEST TD-Gauges+ (thread gauges and cylinder plug gauges) from size 02 to 05.

DIATEST test certificate for the DIATEST TD-Gauge+

  • We can provide test certificates for thread and cylinder plug gauges
  • likewise a linearity test for the vernier