Célula de medición automatizada - 100% de medición integrada del proceso

Industry 4.0, networking of measured data, automation and a process-integrated 100 % measurement will become increasingly important for future production. The automated measuring cell from DIATEST shows you what the future may look like



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Automation, digitalization, data handling and increasing demands on quality management systems determine the pace of the industry. At the same time, as an entrepreneur you have to keep an eye on the total cost of ownership. How can a manufacturing company guarantee the high quality of its products while keeping costs as low as possible in order to meet or even exceed customer expectations?

We present metrological solutions and approaches for an efficient production. You will see other highlights, such as autonomous in-process measuring at our booth.

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Better linearization – Higher measurement certainty!

The newly developed DIATEST BMD XQ reduce the linearity deviation by up to 50% compared to conventional standard plug gauges from all over the world.


Thanks to the highly increased measurement certainty we can calmly face the tendency of continuously closertolerances.

Particularly in combination with the digital indicator DIATRON1000 with its resolution of 0.1 μmone can be sure that the measured values are absolutely correct. The complete measuring system can be linearized according to e.g. VDA volume 5 (German Associationof the Automotive Industry).

All measured data can optionally be backed up and further processed by radio transmission. As a result the valuable data are available for the further production process.



Measuring process capability of complete measuring systems

VDA Volume 5 Measuring processcapability of complete measuring systems With the DIATEST audit report according to VDA volume 5 you will determine the suitability of a measuring system for your individual requirements. Not only is the measuring uncertainty of the single component stested, but also that of the complete measuring unit.The final audit report contains among others the measuring uncertainties of the measuring unit (test equipment)and all necessary answers concerning measuring accuracy.

The combination of the high-resolution DIATRON1000(0.1 μm) and the precision of the proven DIATEST BMD plugs is unique on the market. Using the new and more precise DIATEST BMD XQ a much higher measuring certainty will be reached thanks to the greatly improved linearization.

Easy to use, sturdy measuring computer with storage functions andstatistical analysis for up to 8 Tesa-compatible HBT probes or onereceiver module


Parameter DIA-Gauge Base DIA-Gauge Extended
Number of features per test plan 8 20
Static and dynamic measurements    Standard calculation method Standard calculation method
Input of measured values per keyboard / touch YES YES
Collection of master data (e. g. serial number, charge, controller,machine) - Simplified
Data export CSV Q-DAS, vereinfacht
SPC displays Only value pattern Control chart, CP&Cpk,histogram
Control of digital inputs and outputs Simplified Extended
Interface for SPS Controller via RS232 via RS232




DIA-Safestore protects DIATEST hand measuring tools and stores them safely.

Inter alia for DIATRON1000, BMD Plug Gauges, Split-Balls, Taper Gauges, TD-Gauge+ (DI) and Gauge-2Dimensions

Racetrack ablazed 2017, Darmstadt

On September 9th the event “racetrack ablazed” took place in the DIATEST Velodrom. Find here several impression of the event.

Photos: © Dirk Wilhelm, Bürstadt

TD-Gauge motorized (Prototype)

Motorized – Simple - Economic

Main advantages:

  • A single device for M6 until M18
  • „Plug & Play“: Easiest handling
  • Low wear and low-maintenance


  • Speed: about 180 min-1 (= 3 rotations per second)
  • Motor: made in Germany


  • Can easily be electrically switched over to different thread sizes


  • M6 until M18, other sizes on request
  • Overcurrent detection
  • Only one device for all thread sizes!
  • Energy-efficient operation through automatic switch-off
  • Longer battery life
  • Lithium-ion batteries
  • Energy efficient operation until 11 h / standby until 1 year

New Company in France

There is a major change in France on 1 December 2018:

DIATEST COME METROLOGIE SARL starts its business operations in St.-Just St.-Rambert (west of Lyon). The company was created from a merger of DIATEST France and COME Métrologie and will sell DIATEST and COME solutions in France.

We cordially welcome our new family members Didier Beaupère (Managing Director), Sylvie Saby (Administration) and Jessica Hamm (Technology and Maintenance)! Of course, "our" Alex Chenevier is also on board, he will continue the successful field service. For those who are interested: the new website is: www.diatest-come.fr